Our Services

Thangam ( Banquet Hall - First floor )

The Thangam Hall of Fame and the Tantram, our banquet halls on the first and third floor respectively, shall take care of all banquet needs. Named after the Chairman’s mentor and Professor Ms Thangam Philip, The Thangam Hall of Fame is dedicated to Padmashri Thangam Elizabeth Philip, an Indian nutritionist and a pioneer of hospitality education in India. She was the Principal - Emeritus of IHMCTAN – Mumbai. Ceres Gold medal winner of FAO – UNO. She predicted in 1980s that DR C V Ravindranath will build a hotel and so did the first blessing from his Guru prove to be true!.

Tantram ( Banquet Hall - Third floor )

Tantram symbolises the very idea behind this architectural marvel, wherein people of all walks of life meet as one to celebrate life. Tantra means technique to do Karma. Our Banquet Hall for exhibitions, fellowships, and discos.

Sir Shalia Corporate Meet ( Board Room - First floor )

Sir Shalia Corporate Meet board room is dedicated to Sir K.H. Shalia, Dean of Accounts & Financial Management, IHMCTAN – Mumbai, who initiated
Dr C V Ravindranath into Corporate financial control systems and Food and Beverage control systems. He is the first knighted financial wizard in India.

Shankara ( Board Room - Third floor )

Shankara means the cause of union, sameness or self-realization; Adi – Shankaracharya is the Master of Masters, without him there will be no Sanatana Dharma. He is the greatest Philosopher and universal poet, who taught us Metaphysics and Quantum Theory of Spiritualism. Shankaram - our Board room of MDP – Management Development Programme is dedicated to Shankara and is the apt setting for like- minded people and official gathering

Shivoham Gardens ( Amphi Theatre )

With Shivoham Gardens we also pride ourselves with the Amphi Theatre of 1000 pax seating capacity. In the open, at the feet of Lord Shiva towering above, it is an open arena for wedding tourism, spiritual tourism, cultural tourism! For your Spiritual Rendezvous on the Arabian sea coast, with a small open garden, we have Shivoham hall for yoga and meditation

Golden Sands

Golden Sands , our buffet hall on the first floor serves just as the name symbolise…comfort, value for your time and money! Sand also relates to holiday moods and desires. Golden Sands is indeed the haven of comfort and space!!!

Golden Sun

Golden Sun, mini function hall on the second floor represent originality, people’s personalities and their spirit. The sun is the identity, the face that the world will see. The sun gives people the chance to meet each day. The buffet hall on the second floor stands bright and warm to welcome all into its rays!

Golden Peacock (Multi Cuisine)

Emphasizing on a fine dine concept , with the utter purity of flavours , accomplished by obtaining the freshest products and leaving it as unadorned as possible with a modest gourmet brush ! The technique adapted and created by culinary team is to showcase and reinforce social bonds and culture by using max ingredients from pesticide –free farms . A dining treat of blended heritage , dressed with the most exciting dishes. Experience "Golden Peacock" – A true dining voyage from – Appetizers to Dessert , blending Western European Art of cooking and Asian cuisines , bringing them into brilliant resolve with inspired parings from around the globe.